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Solar Leads | Residential Solar Leads

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Our organization is is the finest choice for companies looking for the effective telemarketing of local Solar Lead Generation. Solar Leads have a long and broad experience in producing high-quality solar lead transfers. Moreover, our clients have a high satisfaction rating brought about by the solar panels that we promote, which significantly reduces their expenses.

As of now, we handle customers from everywhere throughout the U.S. and we are glad to say that our organization receives high recommendations from our existing leads. We are a front runner in providing small and medium sized solar business high quality prospects that they need. With Solar Leads, the growth of your business and client network is guaranteed.

Solar Leads guarantees the following:

  • We will only forward you the most qualified leads that fit your specified criteria. This includes homeowner status, age, zip code, interest level, etc.
  • All the leads that we give you are exclusive for 60 days, which means that they will not be resold to other solar companies.
  • All solar leads that we provide you are guaranteed to have set appointment dates.
  • We guarantee that all of the leads you receive have 100% contact rate. If you are not able to contact a specific lead that we have provided you, we are more than willing to provide you with a new one for free.

Growing Interest in Solar Energy

A study was done with respect to the development of solar energy in the near future. The research had promising results.

65% of business customers anticipating new solar installations in the next 5 years. And the amount of solar they plan to install is not trivial, with several market sectors, such as retail and groceries, indicating a plan to have 50% of their load covered by solar in just 5 years.”, according to Utility Drive’s report regarding the case.

Both private households and large-scale corporations have shown interest in acquiring solar panels due to its effectiveness in reducing costs. Utility companies like electricity distributors are also supporting the usage of solar energy for both private and business purposes.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits caused by the installation of their solar panels. Even corporate businesses who have solar panels are satisfied with the results. In fact, “only 3% of businesses with solar considered their utility as having a negative attitude towards their installation.” Basically, what this report shows us is that an increasing number of American citizens have shown their interest in the installation of solar PVs.

Concerns Regarding Solar Panels

The most common question that we receive from our solar leads is about the quality of solar panels to be installed on their property. The maintenance costs and its durability seem to raise concern of homeowners.

Over the years, solar panels have been developed and greatly improved by the manufacturers. Previous durability and maintenance issues are no longer as relevant. Still, for small and medium sized solar businesses who aim to increase their client network, these concerns should be taken seriously.

By using these common concerns as a way to improve their product, these businesses will gain the trust of home and business owners. Finding ways to improve your product will greatly push customer satisfaction up, which in turn, produces more profit. Allow us to handle the lead generation and client network expansion while you focus on enhancing your core competencies.

Why Choose Solar Leads?

Of all the US solar lead generation companies out there, why choose us?

  • Solar Leads offers you the best value for your money by providing the best solar lead generation services at an affordable price.
  • You will see an increase in solar lead sales.
  • We thrive in the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our existing clients often refer to us as the #1 solar lead generation organization in the US.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in the solar lead generation business.

Due to our consistent and high-quality solar lead generation services, our company has been recognized as a BBB accredited organization with an A+ rating. we exceed the expectation of each client that works with us. Our organization has encountered noteworthy development in the course a decade since we started offering our solar lead generation services.

Our in-house call center are staffed with skilled agents backed with years of experience in the solar lead generation industry. We can arrange the appointments between our leads and our clients in perspective of our clients’ particular criteria.

If you are a small or medium sized solar business looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business and your client network, then the search is over. We at Solar Leads are here to help you!

Give us a call at +1-910-795-2888.

Payment Methods that We Accept

We accept the following methods of payment. Please be noted that our solar lead generation services are all prepaid.

  • Bitcoin – The value of Bitcoin will be equivalent to the value of the US dollar the day that you sign your contract.
  • Paypal – We accept payment via Paypal. If you wish to pay via American Express, you may do so even if you do not have a verified Paypal account. We also accept fund transfer from their account to ours, albeit the clients will have to shoulder the fees included in the process.
  • Bank Deposit – Our clients may also us by depositing cash or checks to any Wells Fargo bank. We will provide you with an account number if you wish to pay through this method.
  • Bank Wire – clients who wish to buy leads in bulk may want to pay using this method.
  • Credit/Debit Card – We accept payment through credit and debit card from Discover, Master, and Visa card holders.

The Process of Creating Exclusive Solar Leads

We create qualified solar leads through various telemarketing strategies. Every weekday from Mondays to Fridays, our solar lead agents will call homeowners that fit into your criteria. Our agents will ask them qualifying questions from our script which , and if they pass, we will then collect all necessary information to complete the process.

We will forward all of the leads that we collect everyday from 3PM PST. You also have the option to get the leads immediately after the qualifying process for an additional delivery fee. We can send you the leads in different formats such as Word Documents, PDF, Outlook, etc.

Pausing an On-going Lead Order

If you wish to pause the lead order, you have to inform us via email or phone call two business days prior to the date that you want to order to be paused. If you do not inform us two days before, we cannot pause the leads on your desired date as we have already created the qualified solar leads.

Solar Lead Replacement

If in case you are not satisfied with the lead forwarded to you, we will give you a new one for free. Below are the requirements for our solar lead replacement.

  1. Unable to contact the lead – if you cannot contact the lead through their telephone, return them to us via email and we will try calling them several times. If they do not answer, we will give you a different one for free
  2. The solar lead does not live in your specified location.
  3. The solar lead is not the homeowner or decision-maker of the household.

Call Us Today

Why settle for other solar lead generation company? We at Solar Leads guarantee the quick and steady growth of your business by providing you with the right clients. Contact us today at (910) 795-2888 (US).

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CALL 1-910- 795 2888

Solar Leads

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